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The first camera I ever owned (pictured on the left) was a gift from my father, a Kodak Instamatic 124... No one could have predicted in the late seventies what would be a Proto-Instagram.

Having used all photographic formats since acquiring that old toy then -(and even though nothing will replace my love for a real sturdy pro camera)-, it is handy to shoot pictures with a smartphone (-especially with all the megapixels they fit on them!).

My Instagram account works parallel to the already established Facebook Page -(which I honestly use less). The idea on Instagram is to embrace randomness, engage (of course!) and get a peek behind daily scenes: Lots of iPhone shots, and many other moments captured with all of the other camera formats I work with.

Enjoy HERE.


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❖ Commercial & Editorial Work.

A new gallery, Commercial & Editorial Work, is now live on the site. It displays different types of photography work done for clients, and showcases a great variety of commissioned, editorial and commercial work.

This gallery will be updated frequently.

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The Galleries have been updated today.

New galleries are under construction and will showcase commissioned work and other current artistic projects comprehensively.

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Bogotá - Colombia

Fotográfica Bogotá 09:
Laberintos del Rostro / Paisajes de la Conciencia
Fotográfica Bogotá 2009
One of Colombia's Most Important Photo Events, Fotográfica Bogotá will start in May 2009 and feature Miguel's work.

Dates: 03/05/2009-15/06/2009.

A selection of 15 B/W Portraits by Miguel Gómez along
w/work by:
Bettina Rheims, Nan Goldin, Erwin Olaf, Eugenio Recuenco, Cindy Sherman, Bruno Serralongue, Cécile Hartmann, Clarisse Hahn, Gilles Saussier, Jean-Luc Moulène, Jonathan Zabriskie, Sophie Ristelhueber, Loan Nguyen, Alexandre Orion, Biel Moreno, David Stewart, Chuck Close, Gottfried Helnwein, Graciela Sacco, Martin de Thurah, Nelson Garrido, Olaf Breuning, Peter Beste, Robert Mapplethorpe, Tom Chambers, Abdú Eljaiek, Erika Diettes, Margarita Mejía, María Isabel Rueda, Miguel Ángel Rojas, Óscar Monsalve, Alberto Korda, Arnold Newman, Bernard Silvesten, Christina Piza, Daniela Chappard, Man Ray, Graciela Iturbide, Gretel Stern, Jesús Abad Colorado, Karl Lagerfeld, Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Martin Chambi, Steve McCurry, Shirin Neshat, Thomas Ruff, & Weegee among others.

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